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Grassroots Recycling  - working with the enviroment
Grassroots Recycling  - working with the enviroment


Grassroots Recycling Ltd has been designed to provide a simple, cost effective collection service for waste plastic and cardboard from farms, to our site in Wiltshire. Alternatively you can choose to deliver in yourself.

.  No need for expensive bins

.  We provide you with all the necessary paperwork

.  We will collect all the plastic & cardboard waste your business produces

. Our area covers Wiltshire, Somerset, Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire,
  Oxfordshire, and Gloucestershire. This area is under continual review.

The standard service

Our standard service is based on us collecting or you delivering in all plastic waste produced each year: -

. Bulk collection or delivery of all farm plastic waste (excluding PVC pipe &
. Bulk collection or delivery of all cardboard and paper.
. One pick up point per farm.
. All waste should be separated into different bags or bundles.
. All pesticide containers to be triple rinsed.
. All buckets should have metal handles removed.
. All plastic should be as clean as possible and stored inside where
. A Waste Transfer Note will be issued on collection or delivery.
. All waste will be processed at the company's waste management site in
. Variations from our standard service will be tailored to suit individual

Please check on your 'Duty of care' under the new waste regulations.

All operations are fully licensed and endorsed by the environmental agency.

Registration Certificates and Waste Transfer Notes to comply with the new Farm Waste Regulations and Farm Assurance Schemes will be issued to all customers.

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